Furniture etc

Timber sofa

I made this sofa specifically for our house.  It sits in the middle of the main room and forms a division between the dining and sitting areas (see A house by a river).. It is designed to be seen from the back as well as the front and the back of the sofa is set quite low so as not to impact on the space too much.  The frame is out of Tasmanian Oak and the cushions are custom-made out of  Dunlopillo and were the most expensive items in the design.  They have been re-upholstered since the original butcher’s apron printed fabric wore out and are usually covered with removable rugs because of the dog.  The design of the sofa takes its cue from the Arts & Crafts details of the house.


Bell stand and altar for a Zen Buddhist Temple

I recently made this bell stand for the Kodoji temple (see Kodoji - a Zen Temple).  The bell, used in Zen Buddhist rituals, was made by a firm in Melbourne from a disused gas tank.  The timber frame is out of Tasmanian Oak, which was left over from the sofa, which was made about 20 years ago.  I built the altar cupboard on site a few years ago.  The top bench top is made out of recycled brushbox flooring from an old warehouse and the doors are pine-veneered plywood with WRC trim. 


Garden sculpture and privacy screen

I made this screen in 2006, to provide privacy from our neighbour after a number of trees and shrubs near our boundary were cut down (see A house by a river).  The windows are originally from our house and had been sitting in the shed for many years.  The figure, which I painted onto the back of the glass, is a copy of an 18th century Japanese Zen painting by Suio Genro featuring Bodhidharma, the legendary founder of Zen Buddhism in China.


New deck extension and built-in seat


Corner detail                                                    View from inside

I recently built this deck and seat with my son Gully as an extension to an existing verandah at a beach house (see 30 Grandview Crescent Killcare).  It has treated pine framing, Western Red Cedar slats and blackbutt decking.  It has been stained a grey colour anticipating the aged look of timber.